Relaunching Your Life for Authentic Happiness

When you were a small child, you told those around you about your dreams. Praise was heaped upon you as you expressed your longings for things that felt meaningful and important to you. You were encouraged to use your imagination and promised that nothing was out of your reach. The life that you imagined for yourself contained no end of adventure, happiness, purpose, and excitement.

Then one day it all changed.

Your dreams began gathering dust

Realistic is often the word of choice. Reasonable, pragmatic, or prudent work as well. Whether we did it by grand plan or whether it happened inch-by-inch without our conscious realization, we end up in the same place: “NORMAL.”

For many people, that existence of ordinary is okay. It feels safe and protected. Anything else would be far too risky. They wouldn’t have it any other way, and there’s nothing wrong with their decision.

The rest of us want something more, but we have so many questions.

  • Where does the courage come from to leave “normal” behind?
  • What happens when the cubicle walls begin to feel like prison bars?
  • Is it really possible to leave behind that 9-to-5 job?
  • How does your life change when you chase your dreams?
  • Can you make a go of it, without sacrificing everything?
  • How do you prepare to make that radical change?
  • Is there authentic happiness out there somewhere?

I’m on a mission to answer these questions and many more, while discovering and sharing the stories that motivate and inspire us on our own journeys.

The Priority Paradigm

I’m launching a new project to talk with amazing people who have made radical changes for something more important.

Happy Kid

This project starts with video-tapped conversations, lots of them! I’ll be talking with folks who have made radical changes and relaunched their lives. You’ll be able to watch these conversations on social media and on the website.

Once, enough of these conversational interviews are conducted, I’ll write a book based on the stories, knowledge, insights, and wisdom of these real-life heroes.

The original concept for this project started long ago, but I kept waiting for the “right time.” Then I realized that perhaps I was the one trapped in “normal.” I had a plan for what The Priority Paradigm would be… and it followed what would be a “normal” course for an entrepreneur like me. So, I’ve thrown caution and comfort to the wind and am heading down a radically different path than I originally planned.

Our world is filled with fascinating people who have escaped “normal.” They chase their dreams and pursue fulfillment and happiness in ways that we admire. I want to learn why and how they did what they did, and I want to share their stories.

I Need Your Help! Who Do You Know?

Are you someone who has made a radical change in your life and veered away from the “normal” model of life?

We want to hear your story!

Who do you know that fits this profile?

They don’t have to be famous or well known. I’m looking for people who experienced a shift in what they thought was important, or finally acted on what they believe to be important, and headed in another direction in life.

Please drop me a note on my Contact Form.

Website and Social Media

The digital foundation for the project is in place. Please follow the project on social media and check out the website at