The day following the incident at the El Pescado Dorado restaurant, Dylan, Joanna, and Tim were sitting at the table, lazily enjoying a late breakfast. They could hear Bjorn in the bedroom, occasionally giggling, but since they were on vacation, they just let him relax. Eventually, he came into the living area with a monstrous grin on his face. For a boy who seemed so scared and shaken up the night before, he sure was in a jovial mood this morning. Bjorn was like that. He could switch from one emotion to another on a dime. Sometimes it made sense; sometimes it was just best to accept it for what it was.

Everyone looked at him, just waiting for the announcement that they all knew was coming. Unsurprisingly, Bjorn played it up, dragging out the anticipation that was building.

He set his tablet computer on the table. “Dylan, I’m sorry that I didn’t have my phone out to take a video of Adelita mashing your junk with a soccer ball. You’d be famous on YouTube too.”

Everyone looked at Bjorn quizzically. He tapped a few places on his tablet, spun the screen towards them, and announced, “I’m a supernatural rock star!”

The title of the video Bjorn opened was “Supernatural Rock Star Kid Smashes Vase on Drunk A**hole’s Head.”

Everyone watched as the drama from the previous evening played out on the small screen. None of them had noticed the night before that someone was recording the events on a phone. The drunken man tried to stop Joanna as she was heading towards the bathroom. She brushed him off, but he became extremely belligerent. The scene showed Bjorn taking a step towards the man, his face burning with anger. Whoever posted the video had added some visual effects that made it look like Bjorn was sending out waves to the vase. The vase tumbled, smashed the man on the head, and then the video cut to a stadium view of a crowd exploding in cheers.

Everyone was quiet for a moment, not exactly sure what to say.

“Don’t mess with me! I’ll kick your butt!” Bjorn exclaimed as he struck a pose like a bodybuilder and growled. “Brainwaves baby! I gotz dem brainwaves!”

The night before, Joanna and Tim had convinced Bjorn that it wasn’t a poltergeist or demon. More than likely, it was a tiny earthquake tremor, or even more probable, it was one of those trucks that loudly rumbled through the streets. Perhaps it had bumped into the building. Bjorn had agreed with them last night and let his fear go. Today, he was in quite a happy mood, especially since he was the star of a trending, popular video on the Internet. Even better, but slightly annoying as the day wore on, was that he could say, “Brainwaves baby! I gotz dem brainwaves!”

Adelita joined them at the condo in the afternoon to swim and play in the ocean. To anyone watching the scene, the growing infatuation between Dylan and Adelita was undeniable. Adults on the beach and at the pool smiled when they saw the young, awkward couple. To make it even more adorable, they had a little wingman, whose goofy antics never seemed to completely stop.

The next day, the boys walked to the park again to watch Adelita play soccer. There were even more kids in the park than the day that they had met Adelita. Some kids played soccer while others ran around just enjoying the beautiful day.

“I think I will wander around and see if I can get myself a girlfriend too,” Bjorn announced in a smartass tone, “but I won’t have to get my nuts crushed to do it!”

Dylan cracked up and told him to stay in the park, where he could see him. Bjorn zipped off, and Dylan found where Adelita and her friends were playing soccer. As he came towards the group, she looked in his direction and then came bolting towards him. He was surprised but happy that she was so eager to see him. Suddenly, he realized she was yelling and pointing at something behind him. He turned in time to see two men dragging Bjorn into a van and speeding away.

• • •

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