Who Knew? A Nice Hike Near Carter Lake

A couple of weeks ago, I had enough time for a short hike and wanted to try something different.  I have sailed and canoed on Carter Lake, which is just west of Berthoud,CO, a number of times.  The trail that runs along the west side of the lake is one that I’ve always meant to try.  I didn’t expect much, as it runs right along the lake.  Honestly, my expectation was that it would be more of a walking path.  What a surprise!

It started out a well-maintained walking trail on the south side, but quickly became a great little hiking trail, with significantly more ups and downs than I would have expected for a trail that runs right along a lake.

The trail varied from walking on a dirt path to rocks.  The entire trail does remain fairly close to the lake, and has a number of great places to stop and just enjoy the view.

At the end of May, the lake was much higher than normal.  I was  wishing that I would have had one of my better cameras with me, but as the saying goes, “The best camera in the world is the one you have with you.”

I cannot complain at all at how the pictures turned out from my iPhone 5s.