Travel Categories: Trailer Projects

A jeep and teardrop trailer parked in the desert near Signal Mountain.
Hanging out east of Phoenix on some BLM land waiting for a storm to pass and hoping for good weather.
A small kitchen in a camper with a stove and sink.
To add storage in the kitchen and protect the plumbing, I did a little construction and added a shelf, plus some walls to protect the plumbing.
Having Internet in remote locations will be awesome! With no commercially available mounts for on top of a roof rack, I needed to build my own.
Carrying gas for the generator and the occasional emergency with the Jeep was a bit of a challenge. It won't be with my new Jerry Can and mount.
Coffee. This cabinet is really about coffee. Creating a place to safely use a hot plate whenever the weather conditions make it impossible to make that critical morning cup of joe.
Trimmed and Replaced
Completed the first trailer project - removing one side of the bed and creating a storage area where your butt comes into the trailer. Next step will be a cabinet at the opposite end.