Decision Made • Time To Put Things Correctly Together

July 1, 2023

The last week or so has been intense. It’s really going to happen. I’m becoming a nomad. A wanderer. A traveler. My mind has been spinning and keeping me up at night. 

It’s crazy how our mental assumptions about how other people will react are often a bit askew. I anticipated some level of disbelief or maybe even… I’m not sure what the word is.

I expected some people to be more dismissive or at least unsupportive or perhaps even disappointed in my plans to take off.

All of the important people in my life are responding with congratulations, excitement, and wonder. And most are expressing a wee bit of envy. As my wonderful neighbor Jackie put it, “You’re about to live the life so many of us dream about.”

I was a little nervous about telling my sons. While they knew of my desire and plans to take off before the pandemic hit, I wasn’t certain how they’d react.

I had them over for dinner, and we ate outside on the deck. I expected my youngest to quickly move to ask about one thing. I predicted it would take about two minutes for him to realize that I couldn’t take my smoker with me.

It took less than 90 seconds before a smile began to spread across his face as he asked, “Sooo… what happens with your smoker?”

Of course, the boys will happily take the smoker, but they do have to use it when I come to town to make me something tasty.

Now It Gets Real

Details are beginning to come together. And questions are growing. What do I keep? What do I donate? What goes with me?