Screaming in My Head

June 22, 2023

I was woke up this morning by an absolutely overwhelming screaming in my head. The same three words throbbed over and over, demanding an answer.

What's Stopping You?

Immediately, I felt that the easy answer could be summed up in two words – my sons. I’ve always been incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with both of them, and they live only a few miles away. I see them often. We have wonderful, laugh-filled dinners. We travel together to visit their grandparents in the mountains. I love hanging out with them and their fur babies.

In many ways, it’s a parent’s dream – independent, adult children who value their relationship with you.

However, the complete answer was more complex than that.

My Dreams Were Stuck in a Holding Pattern

In 2018, I began planning a grand adventure – to become a digital nomad. For years, I dreamed of travel. I purchased a teardrop trailer and fell in love with the simplistic, compact mode of traveling.

A few extended, six-week treks validated that I could wander about, run my business, and do something that I truly wanted to do.

The pandemic slammed the brakes on that idea. I mostly put it on the back burner, intending to return to it one day.

The pandemic ended, and life plodded along. I have a great network of wonderful friends in the area. Part of my extended family lives on the front range. All-in-all, life is good. But something was missing. The screaming in my head reminded me that I needed something more.

Lunch with my good friend, climbing partner, and executive coach, Rolf Evenson, provided a number of insights and set me on a path to make a decision by the end of the weekend.